Local Walmart, Enter at Your Own Risk?

I wrote a couple paragraphs before copying and posting both news articles.

“I have given them your Word and the world has hated them, 
for they are not of the world any more than I am of the world.”
John 17:14

We who live for Jesus Christ have God’s Word by which to live, but the rest of the world hates the followers of Jesus Christ. We have separated ourselves from this world and don’t belong to it.

Circleville’s Walmart had two thefts on Monday, which is not unusual, but these articles paint a picture of the character of the people and the massive demonic activity in this area. One of the thieves had multiple arrest warrants for her, the other led law enforcement on a 100mph chase after stealing $20.00 worth of merchandise. One incident happened about two hours after the other.

Circleville is where I live, and these articles are talking about the Circleville Walmart. Circleville has a population of about 14,000. Walmart is known for frequent fights between customers, drug overdoses in the bathrooms and dressing rooms, and thefts after thefts. In my heart, I feel compassion for the people who live in so much sin. Without Jesus Christ, they are alone in their fight against those who govern by the mark of the beast. I’ve tried to bring Jesus to them, but they are very hostile, threatening, and on the verge of violence against the followers of Jesus Christ. It seems impossible to tell them to live by the teachings of the Bible, to be receptive to the Holy Spirit, and to believe God. They only see Christians as their next victim to score cash, a ride to a criminal cohort, or to solicit a hide-out for a “night or two.”

“Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light
because their deeds were evil. 
Everyone who does evil hates the light and will not come into the light
for fear that their deeds will be exposed.”
John 3:19-20

Quotes from the two articles:
The male:
“who had stolen several items including a hat, deodorant, and other small items”
“Associates attempted to stop the suspect but he pushed through running out of the store.”
“He got into a White Sonata that was waiting for him.”
“According to the reports he was heading over 100 mph northbound on US-23”

The Female:
“who had a few warrants.”
“even though she claimed her innocence, it didn’t take long for that story to fall apart.”
“The woman had given the Sheriff the wrong ID information.”

Below are some comments made by the public on a Facebook post, which explains a lot.

Here in Circleville, everyone knows that if anything is bought on Facebook Marketplace it is probably stolen. You can read that remark below. Another person remarked, “And this is only Monday”. Then, a little sarcasm but reality also plays a part because the employees at Walmart are no different than the thieves and drug addicts, “She worked there I thought.”

“‘Come out of her, my people,’
    so that you will not share in her sins,
    so that you will not receive any of her plagues;
for her sins are piled up to heaven,

Revelation 18:4

Article One

Update – 41-Year-Old Arrested for High-Speed Chase after 20 Dollar Walmart Theft
Pickaway – A high-speed chase occurred after a theft at Walmart around 2 pm on Monday.

According to early reports a call from Walmart to a person who had stolen several items including a hat, deodorant, and other small items with the possibility of leaving the store. Associates attempted to stop the suspect but he pushed through running out of the store.

He got into a White Sonata that was waiting for him and left the parking lot that’s when the sheriff’s department attempted to stop the vehicle in front of Taco Bell on US-23 but instead of stopping he put his foot on the gas.

According to the reports he was heading over 100 mph northbound on US-23 when Sheriff’s department ended the close pursuit because he was “splitting lanes” and using the median to pass people. They backed off and radioed ahead for help. South Bloomfield and Ohio State Highway patrol waited in the area of the OSP station and Little Walnut.

Article 2

A Second Theft at Circleville Walmart Ended with Another Felony Arrest
CIRCLEVILLE – The local Walmart was busy on Monday dealing with theft.

After the first theft ended in a high-speed chase across half of the county, the second one ended by arresting someone who had a few warrants.

Around 4:35 pm Walmart called the Sheriff’s department again after a woman was seen underscanning items at the checkout. She was met at the door by loss prevention and even though she claimed her innocence, it didn’t take long for that story to fall apart.

According to Sheriff Hafey who responded to the scene because he was in the area when several units were tied up in Ashville during the search of one of the suspects from the earlier chase. The woman had given the Sheriff the wrong ID information. The reason she had two warrants for her arrest in Franklin county.

47-year-old Misty Lee was arrested and she was transported by a Deputy to Franklin county where she was booked in and charged with two probation violations. Pickaway County charged her with one count of theft, it is unknown if they will charge her for giving false information.

“….to you who do not hold to her teaching and have not learned Satan’s so-called deep secrets,“
‘I will not impose any other burden on you, except to hold on to what you have until I come.’”
“I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown.”
Revelation 2:24-25, 3:11

2 thoughts on “Local Walmart, Enter at Your Own Risk?

  1. it is sad state of affairs and you know, Walmart used to be my favorite shop during my studies in Wisconsin and so it is sad to hear such horror stories of the place you used to enjoy shopping


    1. Yes, and in many cities, it is the only real option for shopping, like in the city where I live. I live in Circleville, Ohio. There are many people without debit or credit cards and have no on-line alternatives. Buying and selling is becoming very difficult unless a person has means. I think this world is very deep into its last days, just before the coming of Jesus Christ. I’m still letting people know that Jesus is my Lord and Savior.


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