Foundations Not Weather Proofed

Matthew 7:24-28 Not only is it getting extremely hot relating to global warming, but it is also getting very hot related to all types of rebellion, violence, and pandemics. Global warming is associated with the collapse of the system of the beast in Revelation 16:8-10. The rains came down and the streams rose, not the … Continue reading Foundations Not Weather Proofed

The Fruit of a False Prophet

Matthew 7:15-23 One member in my family preaches about the end times mentioned in the Bible and at the same time pushes for the ownership of guns. His tone of voice is so soft, and lamb like in his persuasion. He and everyone around him has assault weapons, AR-15 type. His preaching is that we … Continue reading The Fruit of a False Prophet

Reunification and the New Jerusalem

Ezekiel 36 God's People Ridiculed and HumiliatedPromise of a Fruitful Land for God's PeoplePeople of God Accused of Causing their own DesolationPeople of God ScatteredWhat God Did is for His Holiness not for IsraelThe New JerusalemJesus Christ Cleanses of Sin God's People Ridiculed and HumiliatedNot only is this Israel's history, but it also represents the … Continue reading Reunification and the New Jerusalem

Ezekiel and John in Agreement through Jesus Christ

Ezekiel 35 Ezekiel 35 is describing the persecution of Christians which takes place under the global community that governs internally by the mark of the beast. "All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast—all whose names have not been written in the Lamb’s book of life, the Lamb who was slain from the creation of the world." … Continue reading Ezekiel and John in Agreement through Jesus Christ