Heartache and Broken Pieces

Zechariah 11 Global Order Welcomes the Mark of the BeastGlobal Leaders are Slaughtering Their FlockGlobal Citizens Detest Jesus Christ as the SolutionJesus Christ Betrayed for ProsperityUnity Broken Within Global Population The international community welcomes the mark of the beast because of the empowerment, authority, and prosperity it gives to them. In the process, a slaughter … Continue reading Heartache and Broken Pieces

Beast’s System Destroyed, God’s People Saved

Zechariah 9 The Lord sees all that is happening on this earth, and He is not pleased. The international community is choosing the mark of the beast to receive prosperity, empowerment, and authority. That is the global network of human robots that we see today. Through the internal government they have extraordinary skill & knowledge … Continue reading Beast’s System Destroyed, God’s People Saved