Adopted Children and Israelites Share the New Jerusalem

Ezekiel 47 Bountiful Flow of the Eternal Water.Waters of Life and Trees of Healing.New Jerusalem's Gates and Foundations are of Israel.God's Adopted Children Inherit the New Jerusalem too. The Temple in Ezekiel's vision is the 3rd one that never got built, because it is the vision of the New Jerusalem with the new heaven and … Continue reading Adopted Children and Israelites Share the New Jerusalem

God’s Church through Jesus Christ

Ezekiel 46 Intent of Sunday Services.Congregants not to Turn from Jesus Christ.Jesus Christ Willingly Gave His Life to Bring Fellowship with God.Morning by Morning Devotion.Jesus Christ Gives His Children an Inheritance.Ministers are to Intercede on Behalf of the Congregants. Ezekiel talks about the different types of offerings made, and they symbolize everything the church is … Continue reading God’s Church through Jesus Christ