Table of Contents 1 Corinthians

Name of PostChapter Number
Grace enriches us through Jesus Christ in fellowship, knowledge, and words.1:1-9
Jesus alone atones for sin, who is the wisdom of God.1:10-31
Human hearts are known, but the things of God are known through the Holy Spirit2
We are the building of the Holy Spirit, not to be a building of carnality.3
The Spirit of Christ is more important than human esteem and prestige.4
The Spirit of Christ sets us apart from sexual immorality. 5
Discernment comes by being the building of the Holy Spirit.6
Marriage, Mixed Marriages, and Understandable Separations. Best not to Be Married.7
Food is prepared by those who reject Jesus, but we eat in the Spirit of Christ.8
We Live for the Gospel of Christ and Reject Worldly Rewards.9
The Spirit of Christ Frees the Conscience, but Carnal Choices are Destructive.10
Keeping the Tradition of Marriage and Fellowship in the Spirit of Christ.11
Spiritual Gifts Come with Declaring Jesus Christ as Lord.12
God’s love is more important than anything on this planet.13
Let’s Put Spiritual Groanings into Understandable Words.14
Paul is a Witness to the Resurrection of Christ and as a Minister of the Gospel.15:1-11
The Gospel of Christ Exists by Acknowledging His Resurrection.15:12-28
Belief in the Resurrection is the Life of the Gospel.15:29-34
The Sinful Earthly Body is Replaced by the Eternal Spiritual Body.15:35-58
The Holy Spirit wants us to Help Impoverished Christians, but the Digital Currency is Prohibitive.16:1-4
Fellowship with Believers and Sharing the Gospel with Unbelievers.16:5-12
Watch, be brave, and appreciate fellow Believers.16:13-24

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