Zebra Shot and Killed After Mauling a Man in Pickaway County, Ohio

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Pickaway County (In Circleville) is the city/county where I live, which is in south-central Ohio. The man is severely injured with a dismembered arm which was bitten off by a zebra. The Zebra was shot dead by law enforcement. Jesus Christ gave His life on the Cross for the severely injured man, His love is always present, so prayers go up for the man in the name of Jesus.

Bible prophecy is that the beasts of the earth will play a role in causing the deaths of people as the Holy Spirit is trampled on, the need for Jesus Christ is discarded, and God is denied.

And power was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, with death, and by the beasts of the earth.” Revelation 7:8b.

“‘Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great!’ She has become a dwelling for demons and a haunt for every impure spirit, a haunt for every unclean bird, a haunt for every unclean and detestable animal.” Revelation 18:2

Even animals contribute to the lawlessness in society and will be shot dead by law enforcement for bad behavior, “For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work;” 2 Thessalonians 2:7 The thing that has power to control physiology in humans has that same power in animals. It has no intention of reconciling people to God through Jesus Christ and it uses animals as a deadly instrument. “The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.” 2 Thessalonians 2:9-10

“But when the kindness and the love of God our Savior toward man appeared, not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, through the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit, whom He poured out on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Savior, that having been justified by His grace we should become heirs according to the hope of eternal life.”

Titus 3:4-7

Breaking – Man Attacked by Zebra in Pickaway County.

PICKAWAY COUNTY, Ohio — A man in Pickaway County was attacked by a zebra on Sunday evening, March 12, causing serious injuries that required emergency medical attention.

According to reports, rescue crews and law enforcement officials were dispatched to the 6900 block of Darby Road after receiving information from emergency responders regarding the animal attack.

The man who was attacked suffered serious injuries, prompting the request for a medical helicopter to the scene.

Law enforcement officials have confirmed that the zebra involved in the attack was put down.

The incident remains under investigation and the exact nature of the attack is unknown at this time.

Man’s arm dismembered by zebra in Pickaway County, zebra killed by deputies.

CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio (WSYX) — A man is in the hospital after his arm was bitten off by a zebra on Sunday evening, Pickaway County Sheriff’s deputies said.

Deputies arrived at a house on the 6900 block of Darby Road in Circleville on the report of an animal attack. As deputies arrived, a large male zebra, which is believed to have been privately owned, charged at a cruiser acting aggressive. One deputy was able to scare it away using the cruiser’s horn and sirens.

Deputies located a man lying on the ground with a hemorrhage on his right arm below the elbow. The man, identified as Ronald Clifton, was helped to his feet by deputies and escorted to a staged ambulance.

The male zebra was then seen approaching the location where the victim’s family and EMS personnel were staged. Deputies tried to scare it away, but as it kept approaching, one de3puty made the decision to shoot and kill the zebra.

“….to you who do not hold to her teaching and have not learned Satan’s so-called deep secrets,
‘I will not impose any other burden on you, except to hold on to what you have until I come.’”
I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown.”
Revelation 2:24-25
, 3:1

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