Table of Contents of Acts

Name of ArticleChapter Number
Holy Spirit brings Gospel power not earthly utopia.1:1-11
Preparing for the Holy Spirit.1:12-26
The day of the Holy Spirit brings fiery tongues.2:1-13
The Holy Spirit brings many to prophesy against the mark of the beast.2:14-21
The Holy Spirit comes through Jesus Christ.2:22-35
Receive the Holy Spirit and separate from the mark of the beast.2:36-47
Walking in Christ baffles the churches.3:1-10
Glorify Holy Spirit healings not the mark of the beast healings.3:11-24
Gospel of Christ disturbs social authority.4:1-12
Influencers of the Gospel are punished by the governing authorities.4:13-22
Holy Spirit boldness in a world dominated by the mark of the beast.4:23-31
From outpouring of the Holy Spirit to Woodstock to global “democracy.”4:32-37
Marriages formed to conspire against God.5:1-11
Gospel of Christ is jailed by this world’s government.5:12-21
Government strategy is to cause Christianity to die out.5:21-24
Spreading the Gospel of Jesus while employed as a waiter.6:1-7
Followers of Christ accosted by the society of the mark of the beast.6:8-15
The Gospel of Christ is in an unGodly and hostile world.7:1-53
Authorities grit their teeth at the Gospel of Jesus Christ.7:54-60
Approval is given for the persecution of God’s people.8:1-8
Incarnation of the mark of the beast.8:9-13
The Holy Spirit is beyond personal enrichment.8:14-25
Holy Spirit draws Believers to those searching the Scriptures.8:26-40
Mail of followers of Jesus Christ is tracked, and the light of Christ is seen.9:1-9
Receive sight and receive the Holy Spirit.9:10-20
A filthy past but living to share the Gospel of Christ.9:20-31
New culture puts down helpful deeds which bring people to Jesus Christ.9:32-43
Good hearted commander prepares to receive the Holy Spirit10:1-8
Opening the door to Jesus Christ is more important than protocols.10:9-23
Global family of God through Jesus Christ.10:23-48
The “right then” moment of the Holy Spirit or mark of the beast.11:1-18
Social cohesion is not Holy Spirit cohesion.11:19-30
Severance and Persecution of those living for Jesus Christ.12:1-5
Prisoner to a dying world, made free through Jesus Christ.12:6-11
Softly and tenderly Jesus calls, testifying of Christ in a hostile world.12:12-17
Serve the Creator through Jesus, not the creature through the mark of the beast.12:18-24
The year before Paul’s missionary journeys13:1-3
Women of high standing stirred up against Bible teachings.13:49-52
Table of Contents for chapters 13-28 Chapters 13-28

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