Table of Contents for Revelation

Name of PostChapter Number
The Revelation is sent to Believers. 1
Church number 1 has left the Gospel of Christ.2:1-7
Church number 2 is faithful but persecuted.2:8-11
Church number 3 is corrupted.2:12-17
Church number 4 has secret knowledge.2:18-29
Church number 5 is lively but dead to Christ.3:1-6
Church number 6 is faithful with little strength.3:7-13
Church number 7 which is wealthy and wretched.3:14-21
Destruction of the Church brings a response from God.4
The Lamb is able to open the Seven Seals.5
The Lamb opens the first six seals.6
The seal of God is put on our foreheads.7
The Lamb opens the seventh seal to reveal the Seven Trumpets.8
Fifth and Sixth Trumpets.9
The Book is sweet to read but bitter to digest.10
The faithful witnesses and the Seventh Trumpet.11
Extinction of Christian births.12
Revelation 13 verse by verse13
World is warned not to take the mark of the beast.14
Today’s Christians are seen in Heaven.15
Seven last plagues, global warming, and blackout of the beast’s power center.16
Woman and the beast bring the global government.17
Global government collapses18
End of the beast and second beast (false prophet)19
“1000 years” with Jesus Christ on this earth.20
The New Jerusalem21
Jesus is coming back soon.22
Battle of Armageddon happens after the beast’s power center is plunged into darkness
Living life amidst the mark of the beast.Psalms 73

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