Ezekiel Table of Contents

Name of the PostChapter
Ezekiel Sees the Space Shuttle, Space Station, and Space Satellites1……………………………………
God Sends Us into a Hard World with the Gospel of Christ2
The Gospel of Christ is Fought Against by the thing that Has Power Over Physiology3
Israel is Embattled on Every Side as Global Tribulation Ensues4
The Tribulation of Israel and the Global Tribulation to Come5
Israel’s Desolation and the Desolation of the Global Government of the Beast6
Destruction Comes to Israel, the Mark of the Beast, and the World7
Sensual Enticements are Used to Chase the Spirit of Jesus Christ from the Sancturary (Our Body)8
God is Preparing to Send Judgment and He has Sealed our Forehead9
Holiness Counters the Space Technology of the Beast.10
The Self-Importance of Churches is not More Important than the Followers of Christ11
Israel and the World are Carried into Captivity by the Global “Democracy” of the Beast.12
False Prophecies Bolster Esteem, Deny God, and Embrace the Mark of the Beast.13
False Prophecies Reject Jesus Christ Who is the Fulfillment of All Prophecy.14, first half
Violence, Food Shortages, Wild Beasts, and Pandemics are Sent Against the Global Government14, second half
Jerusalem is Useless to God and Has Been Given to the Fire15
Godly Heritage is rejected to form the “Multi-Colored” government of the beast.16:1-22
Churches are shrines to the mark of the beast, and judgment comes to the Israel and the world.16:23-43
We can reject the mark of the beast and come to God through Jesus Christ16:44-63
Israel rebels against the global “democracy” of the beast and its rainbow of colors17
Parent or child, the wage of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life18

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