The Blacklisted Christian

Matthew 2

Today in 2022, I can’t have a decent thought or feeling without it being crucified. The internal government manages thoughts, feelings, and behaviors against human sentimentality and the Spirit of Jesus Christ. The only thing that they care about is establishing the mark of the beast to create human robots. I know many people who would come to Jesus Christ, but when they do, they are opposed by the internal government as well as being exposed to hostility from the society of human robots. As the international community proceeds to stamp out the Gospel of Jesus Christ, many children of God are vanquished. Where have they gone? The great tribulation is commencing, and this present government system will collapse. Jesus is coming soon.

Jesus was known as a Nazarene, and Nazareth was known as a very bad place. “Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?” Nathanael asked.” John 1:46 So, although the system of human robots may say that we are from “Nazareth” to maintain their superiority, we are in good company with Jesus Christ. Wisemen still seek Jesus today.

Through the Cross of Jesus Christ, we are made blameless in the eyes of God.
“Lord, who may dwell in your sacred tent? Who may live on your holy mountain? The one whose walk is blameless, who does what is righteous, who speaks the truth from their heart; whose tongue utters no slander, who does no wrong to a neighbor, and casts no slur on others; who despises a vile person but honors those who fear the Lord; who keeps an oath even when it hurts, and does not change their mind; who lends money to the poor without interest; who does not accept a bribe against the innocent. Whoever does these things will never be shaken.” Psalm 15:1-5

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